Arc Flash Compliance Conference - 25th & 26th April 2017 - Ontario, Canada

The First Canadian based Arc Flash Compliance Conference was held in Ontario, Canada on the 25th & 26th April 2017. The two day event was Canadian focused with all presenters and tutorial instructors being Canadians involved in electrical safety. Industry gurus Terry Becker, P.Eng. and Jim Pollard were the keynote speakers of the event, with nine additional speakers offering their perspective through technical presentations.

 Day One of the event commenced with Terry Becker, P.Eng. presenting a keynote topic entitled CSA Z462 Getting it Right! which highlighted the evolution of electrical safety in Canada, OH&S Regulations status and the current challenges faced by industry in correctly implementing the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical Safety Standard (technically harmonized with the USA NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace). The presentation was highly received among delegates as they were able to clarify any questions they had regarding the Standard and understand how it would apply to their workplace as a basis of due diligence to OH&S Regulations for Canada.

 The topics on Day One which followed were entitled:

  • How the Hierarchy of Implementation in CSA Z460 Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout and Other Methods Can Contribute to Increase Safety and Save Lives
  • Methods of Arc Flash Mitigation
  • The Role of Design, Commissioning, & Maintenance in Incident Energy Reduction
  • The Use for Current Limiting Fuses for the Mitigation of Arc Flash
  • Airborne / Structure Borne Ultrasound is Considered the New Kid on the Block When it Comes to Electrical Inspection
  • OHSMS, Risk Management & the Hierarchy of Risk Control
  • Electrical Maintenance Essentials & CSA Z463

Concluding the opening day’s presentations, presenters and delegates joined each other for a networking session where they shared opinions, personal experiences in the industry, and a drink (or two).

The second day commenced with Jim Pollard and Chris Page presenting a half day workshop on the two topics entitled Anatomy of Arc Flash PPE and CSA Z462 Risk Assessment Procedure. Delegates learned about the applicable Standards to make informed decisions about your Arc Flash PPE to improve worker safety and productivity. Delegates then reviewed how a Qualified Electrical Worker can work through identifying if they are exposed to arc flash and shock, assess risks and how to appropriately apply the Hierarchy of Controls (e.g. preventive and protective) in implementing the CSA Z462 Risk Assessment Procedure.

The conference concluded with two presentations entitled Assessment of Employee Competence as a Way to Measure Training Effectiveness by Yardstick Software’s Natasha Parfyonova; and What is an Electrical Safety Program by Terry Becker, P.Eng.. An expert discussion panel was held which allowed delegates to ask questions to the speakers and ensure they would be return to work with an enhanced knowledge and understanding in their efforts to create a safer working environment.

The conference was very interactive with audience members invited to ask questions throughout the presentations making for an engaging and collaborative event.

 A special mention and thank you to the sponsors of the event ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc., Oberon Company, Inolect, Electrical Line Magazine, and the Engineering Institute of Technology.

 For further information on the Arc Flash Compliance Conference or to purchase the technical papers and slides from the conference, please contact 1300 138 522 or email

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