Designing, Specifying and Constructing with Modern Concrete - Classroom workshop

Civil Engineering


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Concrete is everywhere. In pavements, building structures, foundations, motorways/roads, overpasses, parking structures, brick/block walls and bases for gates, fences poles and many more. Concrete is used more than any other man-made material on the planet. It has been said that instead of naming our era "the nuclear age" it should be named "the concrete age" as almost all of our modern lifestyle and constructions depend on this material.

This course deals with concrete, it’s manufacturing, designing and maintaining. It includes the details about ingredients, its quality, quantity and effect on the final product of concrete. Concrete designing, its specifications, standards, codes are the parts of this course and the concrete mix design is discussed in detail. On field manufacturing of concrete, various procedures, precautions are also covered. The defects, investigations and the remedial measures, repairs are covered in detail. The modern concepts like ready mix concrete, precast and prestressed concrete and their applications are covered in this course. The admixtures used to get a specific quality concrete, special purpose concrete etc is also discussed in detail.