Electrical Equipment for Practical Hazardous Areas for Engineers and Technicians - One Day Refresher Training - Outside Europe

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This workshop provides you with an understanding of the hazards involved in using electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres. This refresher workshop is suitable for you if you have a good understanding of the requirements for electrical equipment in hazardous areas (if not; contact us for further suggestions). It is based on the international IEC60079 series of standards that are now replacing many of the older national standards. Installation utilising Explosion-Protected (Ex) equipment can be expensive to design, install and operate. The wider approaches described in these standards can significantly reduce costs whilst maintaining plant safety.

The associated terminology and its correct use are explained throughout the workshop. It covers area classification, selection of explosion protected electrical apparatus as well as describing how protection is achieved and maintained in line with these international requirements. Standards require that engineering staff and their management are trained effectively and safely in hazardous areas and this workshop is designed to help fulfil that need.