HAZCHEM & GHS Conference - Perth, Australia

The GHS is a United Nations created system for the classification, labelling and safety data sheets (SDS) of chemicals on a global basis. Did you know that the adoption of the GHS is on the agenda for the WA government in 2017? By the time this conference runs in June 2017 the state will be moving towards adopting the new system. With only months until the inevitable change over to the GHS, how will the introduction of the GHS affect you? Are you ready to be held legally liable for your chemical management?

The aim of this conference is to update everyone who comes in contact with hazardous chemicals on GHS implementation in WA. The event will explore the variety of updates required and pre-empt the issues the introduction of the GHS will have on your business. In preparation for these key changes this conference will help you understand the updates, and provide you with the tools to successfully apply these changes in your business. The event will also ensure that you stay legally compliant with the Australian and international law and regulations. 

What you will gain from attending this conference:

• Hear about the history of the GHS and its objectives
• Learn about the new GHS labels, placarding and health hazard symbols
• Discuss how the GHS affects storage, transport and dangerous goods management
• Understand GHS chemical classification and segregation
• Learn about GHS implementation legislation from the Department of Mines and Petroleum
• Learn how to complete a GHS risk assessment
• Update your knowledge on the latest regulations and licensing requirements
• Understand the challenges and discrepancies created by the implementation of the GHS
• See firsthand how the ChemCentre have improved best practice in their laboratories including a virtual tour
• Hear an update from WorkSafe WA with a review of WA’s Work, Health & Safety (WHS) legislation
• Network with experienced experts and your industry peers
• Listen to local and global case studies from industry
• No sales pitches – non-commercial presentations

Download the full event brochure HERE. Register online below or email your registration form to conferences@idc-online.com.  If you experience any difficulties, please call 1300 138 522. 

DISCOUNTS – We are offering a 10% off early bird discount until May 10th (SAVE $179.50 per person) plus a 3 for 2 offer - register 3 delegates and only pay for 2 (SAVE up to $2154). Discounts are applied at online check-out. 

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017 - 8:30am
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Thursday, 8 June 2017 - 5:00pm
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