Performance Monitoring of Pumps and Compressors

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Mechanical Engineering
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Thursday, 26 September 2013
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Friday, 27 September 2013
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Maria Davidson
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As the process plants have got bigger, the machines have become larger in terms of their power ratings and complexity. At the same time, the demand for efficient operation and higher availability of these machines has been on the rise and this in turn has led to the adoption of modern maintenance strategies and practices by the industry, so that these objectives may be achieved.

Condition monitoring of equipment is one best practice that has proven itself over the years. It is now considered an integral part of an effective plant asset management strategy.

Performance monitoring on the other hand is the thermodynamic and hydraulic evaluation of the equipment. This technique determines the efficiency with which energy conversions occur in the equipment.

Performance calculations enable the computation of energy requirements of equipments. This helps in benchmarking their performance. In case gaps are noticed, this technique has the ability to troubleshoot equipment problems. It can also indicate equipment problems that may not be normally detected by mechanical health monitoring. When used together, they help provide efficient operation of the equipment and at higher availability levels.

Another utility of the performance monitoring technique is that the same theory and concepts can be employed in the sizing, selection and re-rating of the equipment. It thus becomes a useful tool especially during the process of evaluation of technical bids.

This workshop covers in detail, the technique of performance monitoring as applied to centrifugal pumps and positive displacement, centrifugal and axial flow compressors.

The workshop includes a large number of practical examples that help to learn and clarify the concepts. These can then be readily applied to real machines in plants, to evaluate their present performance, benchmark with rated values and analyse the causes for the gaps. Additionally, examples involving sizing and selection of the equipment are also included.

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