The Practical Business Engineer

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It is a truism that engineers tend to focus on technical issues to the detriment of the commercial realities that impact on their businesses on a daily basis. Engineers and other technical professionals put enormous effort into achieving their degrees and diplomas and believe that their technical skills are the most important factor in determining who will get the best jobs and who will manage the most prestigious and interesting and well paid jobs.

But unfortunately the reality is considerably different. What gives you enormous momentum in achieving success in industry is possessing sharp and broad commercial and management skills. Engineers and technical managers are generally bright, capable, hard working and highly trained individuals who can readily deal with the commercial issues in their organisation once they have received the necessary training in the critical issues as outlined in this manual. This manual is designed to help you build strong competencies in business communications and promotion and marketing of your business and indeed of yourself, it will save you years of learning from experience.



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