Practical Fieldbus, DeviceNet and Ethernet for Industry - Classroom workshop

South Africa
Data Communications
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016
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Thursday, 20 October 2016
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The Fieldbus and DeviceNet standards are also becoming a standard at the field and instrumentation level, and are replacing the traditional approaches in the plant today. Ethernet is fast becoming the obvious choice for industrial control networking worldwide.

While the basic structure of Ethernet has not changed much, the faster technologies such as fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet have increased the complexity and choices you have available in planning and designing these systems. There has also been a convergence between Fieldbus and DeviceNet standards in that they are also increasingly becoming based on industrial Ethernet for the higher speed data transfer applications.

There is a fair degree of confusion about where Fieldbus, DeviceNet and Ethernet, are applied and the workshop commences with a clear comparison between the different standards and where they are applied. The first day focuses on AsiBus, DeviceNet, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus technologies in a simple and understandable manner. A detailed discussion is conducted on the application of these technologies in your plant today.

There are many misconceptions on the best standard to apply in a given section of the plant. This workshop will promote the theme which is rapidly growing strength, in that you should focus on your application and apply the particular Fieldbus or DeviceNet to match this application and ensure easy interconnectivity between the different standards. Picking one standard to match all applications is not really a practical approach.

Ethernet is then discussed with a brief outline of the fundamentals of Ethernet and its operation. The method of access is discussed in depth, and topics such as full duplex and auto negotiation are explained. The best methods of designing and installing the cabling systems are explored with the discussion ranging from 10Base-T over twisted pair to gigabit Ethernet cabling methods of optimising Ethernet to obtain the best performance are also defined.

As Ethernet has become more complex, a number of misconceptions have arisen as to how Ethernet functions, how the system should be optimally configured and what exactly “industrial Ethernet” means. This workshop addresses these issues in a clear and practical manner enabling you to apply the technology quickly and effectively in your next project. The workshop concludes with a practical discussion on how to connect the different Fieldbus and DeviceNet with Ethernet.


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  • Anyone involved in the installation, design and support of industrial communications systems
  • IT Managers working with Networks
  • Electrical engineers
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  • Electrical and instrumentation technicians
  • Maintenance engineers and supervisors
  • Systems engineers
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