Practical Shielding, EMC/EMI, Noise Reduction, Earthing and Circuit Board Layout

Electronic Engineering
Shah Alam
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Monday, 11 May 2015
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


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Any training class is a considerable investment in terms of cost and your time. You can’t afford to waste any of your precious time and you need to attend something that is useful and improves your productivity. After five years of presentation throughout the world, this workshop is well polished, practical and relevant.

The aim of this workshop is to help you identify, design, prevent and fix common EMI/EMC problems with a focus on earthing and shielding techniques. Learning how to fix earthing and shielding problems on the job can be very expensive and frustrating. Although it must be noted that most of the principles involved are simple, this workshop will give you the tools to approach earthing and shielding issues in a logical and systematic way.

This workshop focuses on the issues of interest to you if you are working in design, operation or maintenance of analog or digital systems involving sensors, data acquisition, process control,  cables, signal processing, programmable logic controllers, power distribution, high speed logic etc.

The circuit board layout section concentrates on design and layout of circuits and components on a printed circuit board.  The overall focus is on useful design and systems issues; not about regulations and standards.  The idea is that you will take this material back with you to your work and apply the key principles immediately to your design and troubleshooting challenges.

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