Low Voltage Design & Maintenance Conference - Brisbane, Australia

IDC Technologies recently hosted the Low Voltage Design & Maintenance Conference. The conference was held at the Adina Apartment Hotel in Brisbane on the 21st and 22nd of July 2015.

EIT's Diploma of Leadership and Management - Live Q&A Session!

Our sister company, Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) have just annouced a new program: Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915)

Want to find out more?

Do not miss our Question & Answer Session, delivered live online by EIT's Dean of Engineering, Dr Steve Mackay. There are limited places available.

Tech Savvy Inventors, their Prodigies and the Stings in their Tails

Will the robotic bricklayer be well received?

Automation, mechatronics and robotics. These are the engineering disciplines contributing to the growing horde of inventions and automated processes which are ostensibly making our lives a little easier.

What drives inventors to automate our personal and working lives?

IDC Technologies to run technical lab sessions at ACI Connect 2015

As part of the ACI Connect 2015 Conference and Exhibition, IDC Technologies will be running a series of MiniLab sessions for technical personnel over both days of the conference, 12-13 August, at Sydney Olympic Park.

Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference – Manchester, UK

IDC Technologies recently hosted the first Arc Flash & Isolation Conference in the UK.  The conference was held in Manchester at the Marriott Hotel on June 9th & 10th 2015.

Courses, Careers and Choices

Do we study to satisfy the needs of industry and employers?

In a recent article Forbes business magazine revealed data from a new survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The information was collected in the US, but is likely to be echoed around the world. The findings are good for engineers.

We should all take a Big Bite of Humble Pie

Are resource booms responsible for our immodest approach to business? Up until recently, and for at least a decade, the prices of commodities, such as oil, had been climbing steadily in many parts of the world. This phenomenon has had a strange effect on operators; they lost perspective. The result was...

High Voltage and Substation Automation Conference - 6th & 7th May 2015 - Townsville, Queensland

IDC Technologies hosted the High Voltage & Substation Automation Conference last week on the 6th & 7th of May in Townsville, Australia.

To be Forearmed is to be Forewarned

Social Engineering (SE) is a blend of science, psychology and art. Quite separate proficiencies, but the term can be defined rather simply as...

‘Any action that influences a person to act in a way that may or may not be in his/her best interest.’