Thor, Lightning and Football


Perhaps Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning, was making a point?  The plane carrying the Spanish national football team home from the World Cup in Brazil was struck as it approached its landing in Madrid. One may even wonder if the angry god had taken a bet on this bruised team - adding insult to injury.

Twitter, the Gateway to Valuable Info Sharing

IDC Technologies, and sister company, the Engineering Institute of Technology (online, interactive learning), have opened a gateway to technical info sharing by joining Twitter!


Google's Self Driving Car


Google's Self Driving Car Development. Watch volunteers in a short video, take a ride in Mountain View, California.

Constructive and Creative Chemical Engineers

As within all fields of engineering, chemical engineers have had to be enormously adaptive over time. Ballooning world populations and an overarching need to sustain life in an ever-changing world, have driven chemical engineers to become, by necessity, chemically inventive.


Ambition, Courage and Focus

Characteristics that, hand-in-hand, build dreams and goals - As the year moves relentlessly towards summer or winter (depending on your hemisphere) our aspirations and new-ish resolutions can become somewhat blurry and perhaps a little ‘bendy’. Flexibility is commendable, but not if it deflects us from attaining our 2014 objectives. It is well worth refocussing because to regret is distressing.

The Doppler Effect and Recent Events


The Austrian physicist, Christian Doppler, would have been flabbergasted.  In 1842, when human flight was in its infancy he proposed a theory, now known as the Doppler Effect or Shift. And yet it is this Effect which has provided a key to a recent mystery, the loss of Malaysian Flight 370 and its hapless passengers and crew.

Genius no match for the Law

Alan Turing’s life began at just the right time, but also a little too early. This is an appropriately enigmatic opening for an article dedicated to a man who successfully ‘cracked’ the German Enigma machine. Yet his sexuality and the laws of the time appear to be responsible for his premature death.



(Please apply the genius in you and ‘crack the code’ at the end)

The father of invention: Dick Morley looks back on the anniversary of the PLC

Manufacturing was changed forever because Dick Morley liked to ski.

The year was 1964, and Morley was a young engineer working nine-to-five at a desk job designing airplanes, atomic bombs and communications systems.

"I was the guy in the corner room that nobody ever came to see," Morley recalls. "They just said, 'design me an airplane, design me a radar or design me a better communication system.’ All of which I did."

The Natural Engineer and Private Enterprise

An interesting question occurred to me when I was chuckling over the photographs contained in this article:

“Do we all harbour an engineer and entrepreneur within us?”

I believe that we do.