IDC Technologies - Staff

Steve Mackay   Steve Mackay – Dean of Engineering
Kevin Baker  

 Kevin Baker – In-House Training Manager

Edwina Ross   Edwina Ross – Public Relations
Caroline Patterson   Caroline Patterson – Accreditation Manager

Vanessa MacDonald – Publishing Manager


Lisa Chisari   Lisa Chisari – Office and Travel Manager (Maternity Leave)

Monique Harris – Receptionist and Admin Assistant


Sarah Montgomery   Sarah Montgomery – Conference Manager

Joseph Madeley – Conference Coordinator


Paul Celenza   Paul Celenza – E-Learning Manager
Holly Adams   Holly Adams – E-Learning Coordinator (Maternity Leave)

Angie Tran – E-Learning Coordinator


Brie Vining   Brie McDonald – E-Learning Coordinator

Natalie Holland – E-Learning Coordinator



Jacqui Veness – E-Learning Coordinator



Jessica Adair – E-Learning Coordinator



Lucy Chapman – E-Learning Coordinator



Jason McIsaac – Course Advisor


Carolina Asenjo   Carolina Asenjo – Marketing Manager

Ruth Kennedy  – Marketing Coordinator


Allison Gray   Allison Gray – Marketing Coordinator (part-time)
Sharne Pretorius   Sharne Pretorius – Marketing Coordinator (part-time)

Evangeline Newby – Marketing Intern



Brad Lohoar - SEO/SEM Specialist



Nicole Davis – Compliance



Irmgard Kuhn – Accounts



Marian Anover – Accounts


Kim Li   Kim Li – IT & Logistics Manager, Boston Technology and Kits

Steve Steyn – New Product Development


    James Theodosiadis – Engineering Lab Quality Assurance (part-time)
Maria Davidson   Maria Davidson– Business Development Coordinator (USA and Canada)
Cheryl Reyneke   Cheryl Reyneke – Regional Manager (South Africa)
Apolonia Chitongo   Apolonia Chitongo – Office and Accounts Manager (South Africa)
Sisipho Phakamisa   Sisipho Phakamisa – E-Learning Coordinator (South Africa)

Isabel Sibanda - Marketing/Conferences Coordinator (South Africa)


Sitholokhule Mthombeni - Accounts and Administrative Assistant (South Africa)


Esmery Davison – Accounts Assistant


  Rosemary Mokwana – Receptionist/Admin Assistant/Book Orders
Carol Moverley   Carol Moverley – Course Coordinator (United Kingdom and Ireland)
Alison Brown   Alison Brown – Course Coordinator (United Kingdom and Ireland)

Gokul Radhakrishnan – Business Development Manager (India)


Nancy Yourey   Nancy Yourey – Marketing Assistant (India)
Gerard Mathews   Gerard Mathews – Telemarketing Team Leader (India)
David Vaughan   David Vaughan – Telemarketing

Sameh Abdullah – Business Manager (Egypt)