Project Management

Business Skills for Engineering Professionals

This blended learning course covers the broad business skills required by all engineering and technical professionals and includes: business fundamentals, management and leadership, and finance.

Engineering Leadership - Making the Transition from Engineer to Leader

This workshop examines the importance of creating results through people, by starting with personal leadership and then growing to being a leader of people.

How to Manage Consultants

The workshop will cover twelve modules including Focusing on Consultants, Models of Consultation, Selecting Consultants, Managing Consulting Projects, Consulting Project Teams plus more…

Leading Your Engineering Team to Top Performance

One of the great truths of life is our interdependence. Everything we accomplish within a company is through the efforts of people working together.

People Management Skills for Technical Professionals

This workshop uses highly interactive exercises, and case studies in a way that challenges professional managers to explore new strategies and develop new skills to solve typical management problems.

Practical Financial Fundamentals & Project Investment Decision Making

Specifically designed for people in the engineering industries, this workshop provides you with the skills to deal with your financial people competently and effectively and gives you a solid understanding of the essentials of financial management.

Practical Marketing for Technical Professionals

This workshop will show you how to combine your technological expertise with world-class marketing skills to improve your company's profits.

Practical Project Management for Engineers and Technicians

This popular workshop teaches you the critical skills and knowledge required for the effective management of engineering and technical projects.

Practical Shutdown & Turnaround Management for Engineers and Managers

This workshop gives you an excellent review of shutdown management from the perspective of someone who has done it from the trenches.

Practical Specification and Technical Writing for Engineers and Technical People

In this workshop you will learn how to write formal reports, technical specifications, technical instructions, memo reports and technical documentation as well as how to evaluate information and prepare oral presentations of technical documents.

The Practical Business Engineer

This workshop is designed to help you build up strong competencies in business communications and promotion and marketing of your business and indeed of yourself, it will save you years of learning from experience.

Train the Trainer - Presentation and Instructing Skills for Engineers and Technical Professionals

This is a highly interactive workshop that provides delegates with hands-on opportunities to prepare, organise and deliver effective and powerful technical presentations.