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DMN6-SP Engineering in Mining - Motor Control

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  • Investment: US$ 249

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A motor is an electro-mechanical device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. The very basic principle of functioning of an electrical motor lies on the fact that force is experienced in the direction perpendicular to magnetic  field and the current, when field and current are made to interact with each other. Different types of motors have been developed for specific purposes.
This course is designed to help students to become familiar with the basic theory, characteristics, construction, operation and application of rotating electrical machines. It includes the direct current motors, synchronous motors and variable speed drives. 
After completing this course, students will have practical knowledge on how to safely wire and operate electrical rotating machines and their associated metering and starting equipment.



  • Electrical engineers
  • Electrical supervisors
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Managers in-charge of electrical installations
  • Project engineers
  • Instrumentation engineers
  • Team leaders
  • Product managers
  • Senior managers 
  • Subject matter experts

Motor Action

  • Motor applications in mining
  • Energy conversion 
  • Review – Magnetic field
  • Fleming Left hand rule
  • A generator or a Motor action
  • Fundamental electromechanical converter

AC Induction Motor

  • Basic construction
  • Stator and Rotor
  • Equivalent circuit of AC motor
  • Motor Performance

Synchronous motor

  • Synchronous motor action
  • Synchronous motor losses
  • Applications

Introduction to DC motor

  • Principles of operation
  • DC motor fundamentals
  • Electromagnetic circuit electromechanical features of DC machines
  • Construction of DC machine

DC motors Classification

  • Principles of operation
  • Back EMF or Counter EMF
  • Separately Exited DC motor
  • Series DC Motor 
  • Shunt Excited DC Motor

Speed control of DC motor

  • Speed control
  • Characteristics of various types of DC motors
  • Electrical braking of DC motors
  • Plugging – DC Motors
  • Dynamic – DC Motors
  • Regenerative Braking – DC Motors

Brushless and BLDC motors

  • BLDC Motor construction
  • BLDC Motor operation
  • Comparison of Bruch and Brushless DC motors
  • DC Motors for mining applications

Variable speed drives

  • Need for VSD
  • Benefits of variable speed 
  • Load torque
  • Torque load ability curve
  • Main types of VSD

Types of Mechanical VSD

  • Mechanical variable speed methods and speed ratios
  • Variable speed belt drives
  • Mechanical coupling
  • Cone and Friction disc drivers
  • Gearboxes 
  • Synchromesh transmission
  • Eddy current coupling

Electrical VSD & Motor stresses

  • Power electronic converters
  • Overall control system
  • Protection of VSD components
  • Life of the Electrical motor
  • Worked example

Gear boxes and brakes

  • Gear train
  • Brake selection
  • Brake – torque and energy
  • Worked examples

VSD control systems

  • Levels of control
  • Closed loop feedback control system
  • Closed loop VSD
  • Cascade loop controller

Vector control

  • Sensor less vector control drives
  • Vector control performance
  • Current feedback
  • Speed feedback
  • Vector control regulator diagram

Motor control 

  • Drive control loops
  • Direct Torque control
  • Thyristor drives
  • Ward- leonard system
  • Motor control centres


Plan Name Investment
Unlimited Access for 2 Years: US$ 249


Justin Shute

Justin Shute  AssocDeg(Electrical-Electronic Eng), AdvDip(Applied Elec Eng)

Justin has over 30 years electrical engineering experience and currently works as an Electrical Engineering consultant for his own company. 
Justin has spent time working for Power & Water, Minara Resources, Cockburn Cement and Nilsen as their High Energy Engineering Manager specializing in catastrophic HV design issues.
During this time Justin has worked in, designed and commissioned a number of gas turbo and gas reciprocating power stations, heat return steam generation (HRSG) systems, D shell boilers and Nuremberg Steam turbines, which come under the “B” type gas appliance laws for Australia.


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