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Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area. It can involve control valves, SCADA, PLCs, process plant layout, piping design, boiler control, hazardous areas, industrial data communications, networking, deviceNet and Fieldbus, radio telemetry systems, safety instrumentation and much more.


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US$ 299

This course is designed to benefit you with practical up-to-date information on the application of PLCs for the automation and process control of plants and factories. It is suitable for people who...

US$ 299

SCADA has traditionally meant a window into the process of a plant or gathering of data from devices in the field, but now the focus is on integrating this process data into the actual business and...

US$ 49

Supplying reliable electric power for critical systems is an essential part of modern industrial installations. Very often the supply received from a distribution network has quality issues such as...

US$ 299

This course is designed to instruct electrical and electronic control professionals on how to successfully integrate PLC into actual day to day industrial electrical processes. It not only deals with


US$ 299

Instrumentation engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of devices that are used to measure physical quantities such as flow, temperature, level and pressure. Additionally,


US$ 299

Process engineering is a branch of engineering science that deals with planning, operation and control of physical, chemical and biological process that processes undergone in industries. Process


US$ 299

Electric shock and arc flash are potentially very dangerous events that can cause severe or fatal injuries. The damage and injury to the body are proportional to amount of current through the body,


US$ 299

This professional course on instrumentation, automation and process contains the elaborated concepts on three engineering fields. These are instrumentation engineering, automation engineering and


US$ 249

This course is designed to train you in the configuration and tuning of industrial control loops using a minimum of mathematics and formulas. Controllers need to be carefully matched to the process


US$ 149

In any industries, the shop floor contains many processes that are linked together to get a desired product. In order to achieve the desired product, the intermediate processes must have to be


US$ 349

Process engineering is the core engineering subject that deals with the industrial process. This specialized and advanced course on safety Instrumentation systems for process industries contains...

US$ 149

Proper maintenance of equipment to reduce downtime and save money requires more than just replacing parts when they get broken. In fact, replacing a broken part with a new one is an expensive...

US$ 149

Piping systems, power plants and industries are fitted with valves for controlling purposes and safety requirements. Understanding the function of each valve type will have a significant reflection...

US$ 149

Process controls are designed and implemented within the process control system to facilitate basic operation, control and automation requirements. Controllers which are not correctly configured and...

US$ 899

Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control
The instrumentation, automation and process control module contains the elaborated concepts on three engineering fields namely instrumentation...

US$ 149

Optimizing the process with proper setting and tuning of control loops is necessary to increase quality consistency.  Correctly setting PID control loop parameters will result in a properly...

US$ 799

Instrumentation, automation and process control
This professional course on Instrumentation, automation and process contains the elaborated concepts on three engineering fields namely

US$ 149

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes and is used in many industries and machines. Technical staff should have expertise on


US$ 149

Applications ranging from the process industries to the automotive and the communications sector are making increased use of Model Predictive Control(MPC), where a fixed control law is replaced by...

US$ 149

Instrumentation and controls in a boiler plant encompass an enormous range of equipment from simple industrial plant to the complex in the large utility station. The boiler control system is the...

US$ 1399

Advanced Industrial Automation - Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control
Proper maintenance of equipment to reduce downtime and save money requires more than just replacing parts when they...

US$ 499

Rockwell RSLogix 5000 and Allen Bradley Controllogix for PLC platforms
This course is designed to instruct electrical and electronic control professionals on how to successfully integrate PLC into...

US$ 149

Measurements are performed in order to calibrate and analyze process performance. A goal for the accuracy and precision of any system is strongly dependent on the process measurement. The result of...

US$ 249

This course gives an insight into the drawings and documentation documentations that are used in the field of engineering by the process engineers, instrumentation engineers and electrical engineers...

US$ 199

Designing, maintaining and operating of Instrumentation and Control Systems in Hazardous Areas, requires specialized knowledge which ensures that the system work safely, without being sources of...

US$ 199

This course covers the concepts of process measurement use and how it is maintained to verify its suitability for use within process control. The main steps of calibration are detailed; which...

US$ 299

Substation Automation is a sub unit of the power system automation that is controlled by remote users and receives data from Intelligent Electronics Devices within the substation. The main objective...

US$ 199

In an industrial situation, where it is required to measure and control some aspect of a process, it is often the application of the knowledge and the ingenuity of the Engineer or Technician which is ...

US$ 179

Process instrumentation is all about measuring, recording and controlling the necessary parameters involved in an action. Hence it is important to maintain a greater level of precision in this...

US$ 159

Machine components are basic mechanical parts used as the building block for machines. Bearings play a momentous role in the incipient Industrial Revolution. The most common bearing is the plain...

US$ 199

Noises are unwanted disturbances that are measured in decibels(dB). These unwanted disturbances affect both health and behavior of human being.  To suppress these signals the source of noise has to...

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