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This workshop shows you how to ensure reliable power supply to critical systems using various available options - it will discuss how to save dollars by finding the right solution to your needs so that you invest just what is needed and where it is needed.
This course will discuss the need for standby/emergency power generation in industries and the details of engine-based power stations.
Essentially this workshop is broken down into system grounding, protective grounding and surge/noise protection of power and electronics systems normally found in distribution networks.
The Live, Online course "Earthing of Utility and Industrial Distribution Systems" will demystify fundamental concepts of grounding with reference to utility networks and industrial distribution systems, along with their associated control equipment. Participants will be given an accurate perspective, leaving the group with the knowledge needed to solve ACTUAL grounding problems.
This course provides a whole spectrum of activities ranging from basic electrical and instrumentation engineering to advanced practice including hazardous areas, data communications along with a vast array of E&I equipment utilised in an oil and gas environment.
Various types of electrical drawings and their application, the steps in planning a drawing, selection of drawing size and scale, use of standardised symbols etc will be described in detail with commonly used examples from industry practice.