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The objective of pipe stress analysis is to prevent premature failure of piping and piping components and ensuring that piping stresses are kept within allowable limits.
A Building Automation System (BAS) is a computerised intelligent network of electronic devices that is used to control and monitor the mechanical, lighting and security systems in a building. It is sometimes referred to as an intelligent building system.
You will have an opportunity to learn and discuss the techniques and procedures used in the design and engineering of complex process plants.
The objective of this workshop is to learn the implementation of smart metering for domestic and business places and to learn to design smart homes and smart premises using this technique.
Gas turbine "newbies" and more experienced technical personnel who want an overview of the operation and gas turbine technologies available should attend this workshop.
Essentially this workshop is broken down into system grounding, protective grounding and surge/noise protection of power and electronics systems normally found in distribution networks.
This will provide you with practical knowledge (including tips, tricks and tools) covering the fundamentals of chemistry, chemical and process engineering. It will greatly assist you in communicating more effectively with your chemical engineering colleagues. In industry, handling chemicals is considered a hazardous occupation.
Data communication is given high priority in today’s industrial environment. This workshop is designed to be hands-on, providing the participants with essential knowledge and helping them to understand and troubleshoot systems.