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This workshop is of particular benefit to those who want to apply the latest and most effective telecommunications technology immediately.
This workshop examines Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies and provides you with the skills to competently implement a VoIP network for your organization.
As Ethernet has become more complex, a number of misconceptions have arisen as to how Ethernet functions and how the system should be optimally configured. This workshop addresses these issues in a clear and practical manner, thus enabling you to apply the technology quickly and effectively in your next project.
At the end of this workshop you should have a clear understanding of the choices available to you in designing and implementing your own industrial wireless network.
A thread throughout the workshop reflects today’s emphasis on using open protocols and networking standards such as TCP/IP and Ethernet, and off-the-shelf hardware and software to keep the costs down.
Routers and Switches are key components of most networks and internet works. This workshop goes through the basics of routers, routed and routing protocols and the basic rules to follow in building internet works.
If you are using any form of communication system or are applying modern PLCs/SCADA systems this workshop will give you the essential tools in working with networks.
This workshop covers the main aspects of TCP/IP and Ethernet in detail, including the practical implementation of TCP/IP in computer and industrial areas and the practical use of the internet and intranets.
This workshop is designed to give you a fundamental grounding in TCP/IP and the Ethernet as applied to your business. This intensive workshop has multiple practical sessions to give you a practical toolbox of skills that you can immediately apply within your workplace.