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This workshop focuses on the main issues of troubleshooting electrical equipment and control circuits of today to enable you to walk onto your plant or facility to troubleshoot and fix problems as quickly as possible.
This workshop gives you a fundamental understanding of the installation, operation and troubleshooting of variable speed drives. The concluding section of the workshop gives you the fundamental tools in troubleshooting VSDs confidently and effectively.
This comprehensive workshop focuses on medium voltage switchgear, which comprises by far the bulk of switchgear on most electricity distribution systems.
This workshop is designed to provide up to date information and training on the latest edition of South African Standard SANS 10142 – ‘The Wiring of Premises’.
The key initial objective of the workshop is to go through the key steps in ensuring a reliable power supply to critical systems using various available options.
The purpose of this workshop is to familiarise students with the basic concepts of a power distribution system, switchgear design and the principles of operation and applications of protection systems for the industrial electrical distribution systems.
This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of power distribution systems.
This workshop gives you a thorough understanding of electrical motor’s working, maintenance and failure modes and gives you the tools to maintain and troubleshoot electrical motors.
This workshop aims to take the mystery out of electrical engineering and give a good understanding of the fundamental principles of electricity.