Turn your technical and engineering expertise, excellent communications skills and experience into a rewarding part-time teaching opportunity. We're expanding our instructor force to meet the growing demand for our training programs all over the world, and via our e-Learning opportunities.

A few reasons to become an IDC Technologies’ Instructor

  1. Realise big rewards for a part-time assignment.
    As an IDC instructor, you  teach part time - based on your own schedule You are free to spend the majority of your time pursuing other professional opportunities and goals.

  2. Enjoy full operational support for easy course execution.
    Concentrate on what you do best in the classroom…teaching! IDC manages course development, ships hardware, software and course notes and coordinates travel and lodging. IDC handles all the details necessary to ensure your success in the classroom.

  3. Expand your skills.
    You  have the opportunity to expand your skills by taking advantage of our e-learning program. We run many of our courses online via e-learning so that students from all over the world can take advantage of our courses. You can receive training from some of our expert presenters,  who will get you ready to go!

  4. Find scheduling flexibility.
    Our support staff is available to help manage your schedule.

  5. Deliver unbiased instruction.
    IDC Technologies develops its own course materials independently of software vendors. You present a balanced and objective view of the technologies and  practical skills. These are designed to enable delegates to immediately apply them in the workplace.

If you would like more information about lecturing for IDC click here to download our General Instructor Information PDF.


Starting the process is easy!
IDC requires hands-on technical experience, expertise and excellent communication skills. A degree, plus advanced training and teaching experience are highly desired.

Our instructors enjoy flexibility as they teach for IDC Technologies while pursuing other commitments.

Download the list of courses here, then send us your CV with the courses that you would prefer to teach, from the list, and we can get started!

To apply, please email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to welcoming you to the growing IDC Technologies family.