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  • A brief glimpse into Engineering AI

    Apr 20, 2018 | 01:04 am

    A brief glimpse into Engineering AI It was once the stuff of science fiction novels and films, but artificial intelligence and robot sentience are here and developing fast. A range of experts are responsible, including engineers.This burgeoning reality is presenting the world with advantages that cannot be understated, but we also need to remain vigilant.Source: PixabayScience fiction has presented us with a number of negative scenarios which have entertained us, but knowing that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction it is worth remaining wary. Do we want to entrust the operation of our important infrastructure to sentient machines?Enter a new documentary entitled ‘Do You Trust This Computer?’ The 2018 documentary questions the internet-connected, artificially intelligent technologies that are increasingly capable of harvesting our data.Do we really have a handle on how this will all unfold?Rapid advancementThe speed at which technology is developing is causing chaos for those who are neither agile nor flexible enough to keep[…]


  • Grammar 101 - A presentation packed with grammar hints and tips

    Apr 18, 2018 | 01:08 am

    The staff at EIT in Perth, Western Australia recently participated in a grammar workshop presented by Danielle Techera our Project and Resources Officer.If you are looking for some hints and tips on how to improve your English grammar please watch this informative PowerPoint presentation.This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.


  • Perth’s Best Markets

    Apr 16, 2018 | 07:32 am

    Perth’s Best Markets If you’re looking for something to do in Perth, why not check out one of our marketplaces? From souvenirs and artisan handcrafts, to fresh produce, food trucks and live entertainment, there’s something happening in every corner of the metropolitan area.Fremantle Markets The Fremantle Markets have been running for over 100 years and celebrate Western Australia’s culture and heritage. Open year-round on every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday Public Holidays, these markets have everything from homewares, fashion, souvenirs and art, to coffee and fresh produce. Make sure you check out the food stalls, which serve numerous cuisines including Indian, Japanese, Turkish, German, vegan, barbecued meats, pastries, cupcakes and chocolates. There’s also live entertainment and events celebrating Australia’s native wildlife and Indigenous culture. These markets are located on the corner of Henderson Street and South Terrace in Fremantle.Inglewood on Beaufort Monday Night MarketsThis market features food trucks, marquees and shops along Beaufort Street[…]


  • Engineering students invent answer to winter biking

    Apr 16, 2018 | 07:06 am

    Engineering students invent answer to winter biking As the northern hemisphere looks forward to a much deserved summer, innovators in engineering and technology are looking to make subsequent winters a little less hazardous for some.Source: Pixabay.comThe engineering students at the University of Calgary in Canada are devising ways to keep cyclists and their bicycles safer during the winter months. Apart from the challenges of controlling bikes on pathways that are iced over, cyclists struggle with their gear systems which are also affected in snowy conditions.When temperatures plummet salt is used to keep the ice off the roads. But it is also sand and grit which get into the derailleur gears (the gears that keep the bicycle moving), and can cause chaos. Lubricating the gears with oil doesn’t help either - it just attracts more dirt. In general, the metal components of bicycles are in danger of rust and other forms of damage during winter in the northern[…]


  • Forming Partnerships with Agents Across the Globe

    Apr 13, 2018 | 03:10 am

    The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) has seen significant change in the past 25 years. In its original form instructors provided short classroom workshops and onsite training courses to people already working within the engineering industry. With the rise of the internet, these courses moved online and we developed accredited vocational and higher education courses to be delivered on this new platform. Since then our focus has been on providing interactive online engineering courses, which impart practical skills directly applicable to the workforce. However in 2017, EIT underwent another transformation.Our brand new state-of-the-art campus opened in East Perth, Western Australia, giving students the opportunity to study four Bachelor of Science degrees and one Master of Engineering degree at this facility. Our CRICOS provider status means international students can study with us in Perth, as long as they meet our course requirements and have a valid student visa.As a result of[…]


  • Sixteen Engineering Blunders

    Apr 13, 2018 | 01:55 am

    Sixteen Engineering Blunders The VasaSource: Vasa MuseetThis Swedish ship was constructed between 1626 and 1628 and intended to be part of the Royal Swedish Navy. However, it only got 1300 metres into its maiden voyage before it capsized and sank. King Gustavus Adolphus oversaw the project and put tight time constraints on the engineers to get the ship finished. He also requested design changes mid-project, despite the constructers advising against them. Once the construction was finished, engineers conducted stability tests on the ship and concluded it was not sea worthy. The King ignored this and ordered it to be launched anyway. Light breeze caused the ship to capsize as soon as it left the harbour, and the ship sank as water flooded into the gun portals. 53 sailors lost their lives.St Francis DamThe St Francis Dam in California had been operational for two years, when in 1928 it exploded and killed over 450[…]


  • “What a man can do, so can a woman”

    Apr 13, 2018 | 01:42 am

    “What a man can do, so can a woman” Mulweli Yolanda Mafukata went from a high school nestled away on a farm, to studying towards a career in engineering in a big city. On the 8th of January 2018, she tweeted an image of herself on-site, wearing a hard hat, high visibility vest, and a pair of robust boots.Her tweet read: “What a man can do, so can a woman”. It provides the world with a window into the life of a modern South African engineering student. She had been tasked with collecting samples from a coal processing plant - samples that were to be analyzed in a coal laboratory.Back in 2013 the Engineering Council of South Africa revealed that only 4% of engineers in the country were women. This story is therefore heartening - Mulweli serves as a working example of what South African, school-leaving, female students can aspire to.The school yearsMulweli’s interest in engineering slowly developed during[…]


  • Celebrate Youth Week WA this Weekend at the KickStART Festival

    Apr 10, 2018 | 06:35 am

    Celebrate Youth Week WA this Weekend at the KickStART Festival A free week-long festival to celebrate young Perth artists kicks off this weekend. Presented by Propel Youth Arts, the Youth Week WA KickstART Festival will feature an extensive range of workshops, performances and exhibitions. These include a sketchbook exhibition, photography, comedy and exploratory music workshops, and poetry slams.Source: Propel Youth Arts WAOn Saturday 14 April, 10 hours of live music performances by WA acts will be held in the Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge, along with food trucks, and free workshops and exhibitions. There will also be over fifty market stalls showcasing products from local artists and designers.This year’s theme is Illuminate – Djoondal Djoomba, which relates to space and time. The Djoondal Djoomba reference comes from the ‘Carers of Everything’ Noongar Dreamtime story. This theme symbolises the bright futures of WA’s youth.The KickstART Festival is now in its eighth year. It’s supported by the State Government of Western Australia,[…]


  • Industry Presentation: Innovation by Digitalisation – The future of Power Generation and what skills do engineers need to realise it?

    Apr 10, 2018 | 05:03 am

    Industry Presentation: Innovation by Digitalisation – The future of Power Generation and what skills do engineers need to realise it? Industry Presentation: Innovation by Digitalisation – The future of Power Generation and what skills do engineers need to realise it?Join our distinguished guest speaker Robert Ceic for an insightful presentation at our Perth campus on 24th of May 2018 or follow it online!To receive more information about this presentation, including online streaming details, please complete the form available on this page.EIT is committed to delivering education programs that are aligned with real industry needs. We also want you to have ongoing access to relevant information that will make you a better professional and will help you improve the quality of your life and of those around you. As a result, EIT is collaborating closely with industry to bring you relevant guest speakers who can provide meaningful technical insights – an invaluable benefit!We are honoured to have Robert Ceic as part of EIT’s Distinguished Industry Guest Speaker Program sharing some of[…]


  • Most Strategic Plans aren’t strategic

    Apr 9, 2018 | 23:59 pm

    Most Strategic Plans aren’t strategic Dear ColleaguesNo matter whether you are an electrician operating a one-woman business in the middle of the Great Sandy Desert or a Chief Engineer of the largest car company in the world – you need to have a strategic plan to operate to, so that you can continue to operate successfully as a business. Most people don’t really know what a strategic plan really is.But these strategic plans are hugely helpful in keeping your enterprise on target in achieving great things.Not even close to a Strategic Plan As Graham Kenny in the Harvard Business Review remarked recently (‘Your Strategic Plans Probably Aren’t Strategic, or Even Plans’), most senior level managers often have no idea what a strategic plan really is. Typically examples thrown around for strategic plans include: achieve $50m turnover by next year/communicate better with stakeholders/donate 10% of profits to charity/launch a new engineering support service…and so forth. None[…]


  • EIT to Showcase On-Campus Courses in West Africa This April

    Apr 9, 2018 | 07:37 am

    The Engineering Institute of Technology will be showcasing our on-campus courses at the Australia Future Unlimited: West Africa Education Exhibition in Nigeria and Ghana later this month. Running from April 17-21, this Austrade event provides a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in our courses to meet our representatives and learn more about studying abroad in Perth, Western Australia. The Australian government-led exhibition is designed to present higher education study opportunities in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs will be present to provide assistance with the student visa application process.As a CRICOS provider, international students are able to apply to study with us on a student visa. Our higher education qualifications are designed to be job-oriented with a focus on practical knowledge, so students graduate with skills which can be directly applied in the workplace.We currently offer the following courses on-campus:• Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)• Bachelor of Science (Mechanical[…]


  • Opportunities for Talented EIT Students & Graduates

    Apr 5, 2018 | 07:59 am

    Do you need work as a Control and Instrument Technician, Maintenance Electrician or Mechanical Technician? Z-Tech Control Systems is a UK company that provides engineering solutions for Water Utilities, Power, and Rail. They know first-hand the high quality of EIT’s students and graduates and are currently looking for talented individuals to join their team.The skill sets in demand include:Control and Instrument Technician· Time served apprenticeship supported by a minimum level 3 formal qualification. E.g. City and Guilds, BTEC, ONC/HNC/HND/Australian/New Zealand Qualifications or equivalent· Experience of process control and electrical systems · Experience working with and understanding PLCs to include management and certain programming· Knowledge working with communication protocols· Experience in calibration and maintenance of frontline instrumentation and a good understanding of relay logic as well as the ability to maintain and repairMaintenance Electrician· Time served apprenticeship supported by a minimum level 3 formal qualification. E.g. City and Guilds, BTEC, ONC/HNC/HND/Australian/New[…]


  • Garbage In, Garbage Out applies particularly to the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Apr 5, 2018 | 04:25 am

    Garbage In, Garbage Out applies particularly to the Internet of Things (IoT) Dear ColleaguesI clearly remember when computing started taking off, about the wry remark referring to garbage in, garbage out. This referred to a marvelous computer program developed at huge cost being fed absolutely useless data and thus spitting out useless information it had derived from the data. This is even more true today with the advent of machine learning and the internet of things (IoT). Imagine training your computer program in a machine learning application with shoddy data. The results could be catastrophic. And this is indeed what is happening today. In the frantic rush to write the best programs to predict outcomes, we often lose sight of the desperate need to ensure our data is valid and reasonable. I have some feeling for this challenge – as I have just completed a course on machine learning. This problem will definitely impact on you as an engineering professional and it is[…]


  • Bruce Scallan: At the cutting edge of refrigeration engineering

    Apr 5, 2018 | 03:41 am

    Bruce Scallan: At the cutting edge of refrigeration engineering Bruce Scallan is a Facilities Manager at Reutech Communications. The company specialises in technologically advanced secure military communications systems. In South Africa, Reutech’s parent company, Reunert Limited (a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed company) has been a key supplier of equipment to the South African National Defence Force for 47 years. Scallan has four core responsibilities as the Facilities Manager:● Management of plant maintenance, utilities, and support services. ● Management of security ● Management of the health and safety program.● Management of the environment program.Managing the facility is no easy feat. Scallan is involved from the ground-level of the organization right up to the executive level. He is involved with reporting, projects, financial planning, and risk management.One aspect of his work that he finds particularly interesting involves the Environment Test Chambers – they are responsible for the thermal cycling tests on the military-tier radios.Scallan’s focus is on the refrigeration systems of the[…]


  • Global Day of the Engineer: Why Our World Would End if Engineering Disappeared

    Apr 4, 2018 | 04:59 am

    Global Day of the Engineer: Why Our World Would End if Engineering Disappeared In support of Global Day of the Engineer , we are celebrating the positive impact engineers have had on our world as we know it. Engineers aren’t just responsible for building giant skyscrapers or inventing cutting-edge technology – without engineering there would be no civilisations or infrastructure, agriculture, vehicles, tools or technology.At a very basic level, engineers combine principles of maths and science to solve problems by adapting natural resources to suit our needs. Levers, pulleys, wheels, wedges and the inclined plane were some of the first tools invented, with the aim of decreasing the effort required to lift and transport heavy loads. Engineers first emerged in ancient times, building cities, complex water systems, walls, temples and pyramids – the first engineer known by name is Imhotep, builder of the Step Pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt in approximately 2550 BC.Since then, the profession of engineering has advanced significantly. The original core[…]