IDC Technologies has presented workshops on every continent (except Antarctica) and for most of the world’s largest companies and utilities, including:

In The Americas
Chevron, the Department of Energy, Exxon, General Motors, Guillevin Automation, Honeywell, Lockheed, Texas Instruments, NASA, Coca Cola.

In Europe
BOC Gases, BBC Engineering, British Nuclear Fuels, Datel Rail Systems, ELF, Euro Tunnel, GEC, Glaxo, National Grid, Phillips, Rolls Royce, Siemens, Shell.

In Africa, Asia & The Pacific
Columbus Stainless, De Beers, Eskom, Hillside, Triangle Sugar, Nampower, Sasol, Alcoa, ANSTO, DSTO, BHP, British Aerospace, Carter Holt Harvey, Ericsson, Fisher & Paykel, Hewlett Packard, Methanex


What You Receive with our Onsite Engineering Training

Professional Instructors

All IDC Technologies instructors are chosen from among the finest exponents in their subject fields. They are all experienced, knowledgeable engineers with expertise in teaching techniques.


Experience Counts

IDC Technologies has extensive experience and expertise in running technical training courses that are practical and relevant to industry needs. Workshop materials include comprehensive reference manuals, often with licensed commercial software.

Our workshops are all comprehensive hands-on learning experiences with ample time given to practical sessions and demonstrations. We communicate well to ensure that workshop content and timing match the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the participants. IDC Technologies is known as a premier provider of technical and engineering training in the world.


How Many Delegates are Required?

IDC Technologies has no absolut minimum attendance requirements for in-house or onsite presentations. Maximum numbers are generally dictated by the available facilities.


Money Matters

The cost advantages over external training can be dramatic, up to 50% cheaper for IDC Technologies to present in-house. Savings on course fees are just the beginning. Save on travel, time and accommodation costs. Eliminate the inconvenience of having your technicians and/or engineers away from the workplace.


Available anywhere anytime

IDC Technologies schedules workshops year round, around the world. In most cases we can accommodate your date selection. We understand the complexities of maintenance planning and shutdowns. We know the difficulties of getting your field engineers together. IDC Technologies wants to work with you for win-win results.


Web Training

IDC Technologies can also arrange to train your staff on a live web link at times convenient to you. Our sister company, the Engineering Institute of Technology, has been successfully training engineers and technicians around the world via the use of the latest web-conferencing technologies. We make this resource available to our IDC Technologies clients as well.

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